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How to write CONTACT US page?

CONTACT US page is definitely the most important page in the whole website. What for you need a website if the visitors interested in your work will not be able to contact you? Al hamdu lilah it is not difficult to write a CONTACT US page, but there is few points you should keep in mind.

CONTACT US page should include :

– phone numbers

– emails

– address

– contact form

– map

– social media accounts.

It depends on the services you offer what will be the most important for you. If you business is mostly online activity and you have customers from all around the world you should focus on email and contact form. But if your offer is dedicated to local customers than you will need an exact location with map. That would be great if visitors can get directions from their place to your company.

During last few years social media jump to the top on establishing connections between people. For your own sake make a Facebook fan page, google plus page and twitter account for your company. You will be much easier to find and get in touch with, especially for young people.

Do not forget that CONTACT US page, like every other, should be well designed. Great look, adjusting to small and bigger screens, optimized loading time will make a huge difference.