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5 elements Real Estate website should have

First of all you should realize who you is your website visitors. Real Estate website target people interested in renting and buying properties. The most important part than is to let the visitors find what they are looking for.

real estate website search

1. Multi-functional search.

Most of the people know what kind of property they need. At least they already decide for location, budget and number of bedrooms. Why they should keep searching through hundreds of properties if they could simply click few times here and there and type “flats for sale in Hurghada” and get the result they need.

2. Good quality data.

That is pretty much obvious that to interest visitors in your website you should have there quality content. First of all properties that you have for sale and for rent. Or at least most of them. With all the detailed info possible – location, size, bedroom number, bathroom number, furniture, view type, swimming pool, garden, air condition etc.

If you are offering a projects as well you should include the projects descriptions and photos in the website as well. Few articles about real estate, tawkil or green contract will do some good to your website.

3. Easy Navigation.

As important as finding the property is to find other information website visitors are looking for. About us page, contact page,project details should be easy accessible. Don’t make your client try to find how to contact you that he will not finally contact other real estate.

4. Good design.

It doesn’t mean it should be overwhelmed with animations. Actually for real estate website is opposite. It should be clean and elegant unless you’re targeting a young students who are looking for apartment to rent. Keep the colors subdued.

5. Social media.

Nowadays social media are powerful tool. Constant sharing on different platforms bring new visitors to your real estate website. Also they can visit your profiles and be updated with your new posts all the time. Facebook wall became a modern newsletter.

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