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5 steps to change text on website (joomla)

How many times did you see a typo on your website? None? Than check it carefully one more time. I see hundreds on those in the web every day. Some time  it is small spelling mistake in meaningless word, other time a letter changing the whole paragraph or misspelled company name. Yes, the last one I really saw as well.

Unfortunately spelling mistakes in company name, address, phone number or headings can cost you a client. I do not think you wish to pay this price. You can always hire a copywriter or SEO specialist to take care of your website content – you can hire 3D Abdoo Web Design & Development team.  But if you like to do things by yourself and it is just small typo you can change text on website.

If you have a dynamic website built with joomla it is incredibly simply. Definitely you do not have to call a web design company. Follow steps below and within few minutes you will enjoy adjusted data.

change text on website - step 3
Step 3. Push the gear icon and than “Edit”.

1. Log in to your website according to instructions from login.doc file.

2. Open the page with the article you want to edit.

3. Push the gear icon and than “Edit”.

4. Change the text according to your needs. You can edit title and the main text. In the edition window you can see the standard text editor with such an options like :

– bold, italic, underline

– text-align ( left, center, right, justify)

change text on website - step 3
Step 4. Change the text according to your needs

– choosing the style – paragraph, heading

– adding link

– inserting image

– adding table etc.

5. Push “Save and Close”.

Text on your website has been successfully updated. Go back to log in page and log out.