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5 parts great websites should have

Don’t you want to have a great website? The one that will convert online visitors into a customers? Than read carefully what every great website should have (or just order one ? ). Great websites are our specialty!

1. Personal About Us page.

About Us page has pretty much the biggest influence on converting your website visitors to customers. It should present your company, build a trust, make your company indisputably the best choice in the business segment. Read our short tutorial on how to write an About us page and be on the top!

2. Clear Contact Us page.

Easy to read Contact Us page with all the necessary contact information. You definitely want your website visitors to  be able to find you. Adding phone numbers, emails and address is a must! Read our short tutorial on how to write a Contact us page.

3. Metadata.

Maybe not all of you even heard about it, but let me explain: metadata is data read by search robots like google or bing. It is displayed in search result and it have important influence on your website position in search result. Even great websites have to be found so definitely consider adding metadata – at least title and description –  to your site.

4. Mobile version.

Desktop is not the only way to surf the web any more. The number of mobile and tablet web users is constantly growing. You do not want to lose all those potential customers who will visit your site from mobile device or tablet. Great websites are always responsive!

5. Blog.

Blogging was never a bad idea. Maybe a little time consuming, but it is really worth it. Nothing else will put your website so high in search result, and let your customer find you like sharing your sector knowledge and experience. Believe me hours spent on blogging will pay you back double.

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